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Got a pimple emergency? Slap a patch on it! The Some By Mi 30 Days Miracle Clear Spot Patch not only protects blemishes from further irritation, it absorbs gunk from them as well! It has the ability to flatten pimples overnight, making blemishes a lot easier to deal with. It comes in 2 different sizes, so your pimples are covered, whether big or small. 


  • Prevent secondary infection of wound areas & protect skin (drugs & therapeutic) It is composed of various sizes that can be selected according to the anxiety of the skin. It can be stored hygienically by sterile packing and zipper bag type.
  • Spot patch for problem skin especially It is a spot patch that can be used by anyone with a spot or problematic skin. It absorbs the exudates from the wound area and maintains the wet environment, minimizing scar formation and minimizing scar formation. It is a product made easy to use by a beveling method of safe and easy hydrocolloid fabric.
  • Similar to skin tone, excellent water resistance! Adhesion! Convenience! It has the advantage of being able to wash after attaching with excellent waterproof and adhesion. This product is designed to be easy to use without ointment.
  • Prevent secondary infection of wound area & protect skin (drugs & therapeutic) It is a quasi-hydrocolloid type spot patch that protects acne, trouble-free skin, and secondary infections. It protects skin with excellent breathability and irritation.

What is Hydrocolloid?❓

Hydrocolloid sheet absorbs exudates from the scar and keeps the moist conditions under the sheet. It prevents contamination that may start from any outside sources.

Size: 18 patches (9 of 10 mm and 9 of 12 mm) 

*How to use*

  1. After cleansing, apply the patch to target area/s.
  2. Leave on overnight, or until the patch has turned white.
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