Our Story

Born out of a hobby turns into passion. Flawless by Madame J is the premier online destination for conscious skin enthusiast, covering sustainable skincare routine and beauty regimen. Founded in Dubai on 2016, a beauty brand and philosophy that goes beyond skin deep.

A Letter From the CEO

A Filipino native living in Dubai, I started my journey as a hobby which later turned into a real passion to banish bad skin days for good. There, I discovered that most Koreans follow a strict standard to perfecting their skin with the skin-first philosophy—they believe that skincare is an experience which should be enjoyable. Most Koreans make it a point to invest in their overall skincare routine. On my own journey with the Korean skincare products made me a firm believer not only on it's benefits, but also the experience I had and learned the proper way of dealing with my own skin which made me eager to share it with everybody. This is how Flawless by Madame J was born from a hobby to a business venture. 

I began to outsource directly in Korea into a small quantity of products and found Somebymi in 2016. Only after a few months of hard work the small quantity increases and so does with my online shop which later on, I decided to launch my first physical shop in Karama, Dubai.

As a firm believer combined with a hard work and help of the community I am able to launch kiosks in Al Ghurair, Burjuman and Reef Mall besides my first store in Karama.