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Snail Truecica Miracle Repair Toner + Serum Set

Snail Truecica Miracle Repair Toner + Serum Set

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  1. Snail Truecica Toner clears and evens out skin tone!
  2. One drop of a highly concentrated Snail Truecica Serum soothes sensitive skin and strengthens the skin barrier!

Snail Line enhances the skin’s natural ability to transform itself into a healthy complexion!

  • Miracle Repair → The Ultimate Repair Solution (Repairing Dark Spots and Weak Skin Barrier)
  • Super Light → Airy-Light Touch On Skin (Non-sticky Fresh and Light Texture)
  • Scar Removal Eraser of Skin DEEP Marks.
  • Powerful counterattacks on dark blemishes, scar and visible DEEP marks and open pores
  • Black Snail's mucin holds the unbeatable life energy up to 6 months to last through the winter sleep.
  • SOME BY MI sticks to using only Black Snail among many snails.

*How to Use*

  1. At the first step of your skincare routine. Dab a small amount of toner on cotton then apply to your face and lightly spread all over. Gently pat on your skin for better absorption.
  2. After the use of toner, apply serum across the face and let it absorb.
  • TIP (→ Apply multiple layers of moisture serum based on your skin type.)
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