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  • Impurities out → Miracle Cleansing Bar

  • Dry flakes out → Miracle Toner

  • Calming down → Miracle Serum

  • Skin Barrier Build up → Miracle Cream


  • Exfoliating
  • Pore and skin waste care
  • Inflammation
  • Moisturizing
  • Whitening / Wrinkle improvement

[ Miracle 4-Step Solution ]

miracle cleansing bar

miracle toner

miracle serum

miracle cream

STEP 01_Miracle Cleansing Bar(25g)

No Artificial Color or Chemical Surfactant


  • Deep cleansing to the pore with nature's derived ingredient deep and soft.


STEP 02_Miracle Toner(30ml)

Daily care that comes with exfoliation


  • Slightly acidic without doing stress on the skin (pH 5.5) containing tea tree leaves water (10,000ppm) coupled with AHA, BHA, and PHA just with Toner, say goodbye to rough skin.


STEP 03_Miracle Serum(10ml)

A miracle solution for skin soothing


  • 14.5% of Centella combined with tea tree leaves (10,000ppm) to mildly care for skin irritation.


STEP 04_Miracle Cream(20g)

Firming up the fragile skin barrier


  • Tea tree leaves (10,000ppm), centella extract (70%), 4-Cica helps to care for skin trouble and damage.


[ Centella Asiactica + 4-Cica Care ]
Centella + Centella = Troubled Skin Cure

4-Cica Care was added to Centella Asiactica, known to cure even tiger's scar, for fast soothing of skin troubles and rooting out the fundamental problem.

** 4-Cica Care **

Cares complex skin troubles with highly-condensed and highly-pure powdered Asiatic Acid, Madecasic Acid, Asiaticoside, and Madecasoside derived from Centella Asiactica

Asiactic Acid (→ Skin barrier reinforcement)
Asiaticoside (→ Skin-soothing)
Madecasic Acid (→ Damage care)
Madecasoside (→ Anti-inflammation)

*How to use*

Miracle Cleansing Bar
  1. Wash face with warm water.
  2. Lather for 1 min with the foam.
  3. Wash off the face.
  • Free of chemical additive, the soap can melt fast in the water. Split the soap into 4 pieces for longer use.
  • Use the soap net to create richer firmer foam and to use it to the last piece.

Miracle Toner

  1. Soak a cotton pad with Toner.
  2. Wipe off the skin and lightly tap for absorption.
  3. For thick dry flakes, place the toner-soaked cotton pad on the area for 1~3 min before wiping off.

Miracle Serum

  1. Smoothen the skin surface with Toner.

  2. Apply droplets of Serum on both cheeks and forehead with the pipette.

  3. Spread and let it absorb.

  4. Before use, squeeze out the remaining of the pipette. Close the lid and shake.

Miracle Cream

  1. Gently apply and absorb cream on your skin using fingertips.


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